"You are not broken and in need of fixing.

You are wounded and in need of healing."

-Danu Morrigan





In coaching, we will focus primarily on body awareness and reconnecting to self with a trauma informed approach to Somatic Mindfulness. You’ll learn about the nervous system and how to better understand yours and ways to widen your Window of Tolerance, as you strengthen your processor and heal from trauma.

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"I knew I was in so much pain after my husbands betrayal but I didn’t even realize how long I had been living in a state of numbness. I had completely lost who I was. Carrie has been a true blessing in my life and in my healing journal. She has helped me to connect with myself again, to be present, to feel and to be intentional in my daily life. I’m finding myself again thanks to Carrie’s exceptional knowledge, techniques and her caring compassionate ways. What stands out about Carrie is the fact that she has personal experience in betrayal, she’s lived it and because of that she has a deep understanding and a grace that flows from her soul."


"What you’ve taught me can be used both to process the triggers in my past relationship, but also other life anxieties and I’m so grateful you’ve taught me such valuable skills. thank you thank you thank you!!!"


"When I started working with Carrie she helped me to understand what was happening to me--in my head and in my body. When I understood this it helped me to pause and think more clearly. It helped me to choose myself, to find myself."

Meet Carrie

Carrie struggled with betrayal trauma for the first ten years of her marriage, and as a result developed Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After four years in specialized therapy, she found her way toward healing with the practice of somatic mindfulness. Once she discovered how powerful it was in the healing process to come back to the body and tend to the nervous system, she certified as a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and again as a Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Practitioner and Betrayal Trauma Coach. She has done trainings led by leading experts in the trauma field that have equipped her with skills to help women all over the world reconnect with their bodies and honor the messages it sends them in their healing journey.


Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

Certified Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

Certified Betrayal Trauma Coach with the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute

Trauma Specialist Training

Somatic Attachment Therapy Certification

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